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Since 2010, the Affordable Care Act and financial crisis have impacted the healthcare industry at every level. Calls for transparency in healthcare billing as well as inter-professional collaboration among doctors, nurses, hospital staff and insurance providers for the purpose of higher quality care have made healthcare organizations more accountable for their costs. Nurses especially have felt the enduring sting of the financial crisis, and they continue to struggle with high patient-to-nurse ratios, a declining population of nurse educators, and an aging workforce that is likely to retire en masse very soon. However, such setbacks and liabilities are counterbalanced by the hope of a growing cohort of well-educated, young nurses who are meeting high demands to care for the elderly; an increasing emphasis on holistic and preventive medicine that is empowering nurses in the realm of primary care; as well as a rising tide of technological innovation that is producing new careers for nurses worldwide. The list we’ve compiled below highlights all of these trends and many more that are changing the field of nursing today for the betterment of medicine tomorrow.

1. Entrepreneurs Are Building Better Nursing Homes

2. Massive Increase in Online Training

3. Emphasis on Art Therapy

4. Advocacy for Music Therapy

5. Shortage of Experienced Nurses

6. An Aging Nursing Workforce That is Putting Off Retirement

7. The Scope of Medicine that Nurses are Able to Practice is Widening

8. Steady Growth in the Number of Nurse Practitioners

9. More Nurses Are More Highly Educated

10. The Field is Getting More Diverse

11. Gender Pay Gap Closing Steadily

12. Increased Specialization Among Nurses

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