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Employers must invest on Health and Wellness program

Employers must invest on Health and Wellness program

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After two years of our battle with Covid-19 and various health issues. One of the many reforms each organization has considered is really uplifting the perks and benefits of their employees. Top of mind in that aspect is really the Health and Wellness program, which can include HMO coverage expansion, additional time off days and many more. Companies tend to this now as one of the retention strategies to ensure they kept employees happy, productive and engaged. Here are some of the criteria on how to formulate successful programs within the organization:

  1. Ask employees where they need support. Create a survey to get the pulse of the employees on what are their needs that the company needs to pay attention to. This ensures that we meet their expectation and we are sure that whatever program the company invest on, surely benefits their people
  2. Meet employees where they are. Not everyone in the organization has the same benefits they want to achieve, some do not even want to participate, and that is okay. The organization can take that as a cue to ensure the programs are diverse to cater some specific needs and give variations to the employees. Maybe they do not want any mental health related sessions but there will be some situations where they will need support in that area.
  3. Offer formal and informal ways to participate. As organizations may make it less informal or not mandatory for everyone to join, it is important that they also promote structured setup so employee participating can see the progress of a certain activity or topic and they will also have an idea on what to look forward for that particular program.
  4. Make it fun—and easy. It is very important that organizations design program that are very inviting and ensure that employee will participate will not be wasting their time and will truly enjoy the activities, appreciate the socialization aspect, build rapport with colleagues and personal satisfaction
  5.  Promote the program and recognize participants. AInvest in promoting the program as if advertising it internally in the company, create posters or provide uniforms so employees may truly that they belong and their participation is being values.


When organizations become successful in creating these programs, this will not only ensure returns through employee productivity and satisfaction but may also help promote the organization as a good employer as well as invite applicants to consider the company.