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Keeping our kids healthy at school

Keeping our kids healthy at school

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Two years of pandemic means two years of isolation or less exposure to the community. During the pandemic, we went out and observe all the recommended health guidelines to keep ourselves from getting the Covid-19 virus. Now, the school is opening up to face-to-face setup and work is gaining momentum of having workers onsite - it is time to prepare on how are immunity will be challenged as we start socializing more and getting loose on wearing face masks and less adherence to strict health protocols. Here are the top advises from school nurses who responded to Good Morning America show's survey questions:

Make sure your child is up-to-date on vaccinations.

One of the best way to protect the kids is my making sure that they have all the necessary and recommended vaccines to ensure that they have enough protected against various illness.

Keep your child home if they don't feel well.

Covid-19 variants are still on the loose and to make sure that we monitor the kids when they do not feel well, always let them stay at home. This also serve as a protection to other kids who might contract the sickness as well. This also ensure that as the child is getting enough rest while being medicated.

Get to know your child's school nurse.

It is important for parents to keep track who are the responsible caregivers of their kids at school. It is important that they have an open communication to the teachers and school nurses especially of their kids have chronic diseases. Make sure that the caregivers have the right contact information to easily reach out guardians when needed.

Work at home to set up your child for success.

Continue to promote health habits at home to ensure that child will sustain it outside your home.

Keep school nurses aware of changes in your child

As parent create that open communication with their child's caregiver at school, it is important that parents also provide necessary updated  medical information to the caregivers so they know how to monitor the child in school and they will be able to provide the right care for them.