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Life Expectancy has declined the past 3 years

Life Expectancy has declined the past 3 years

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Life expectancy is the estimated average amount of time a person will live from birth to their demise.  It is "the most fundamental indicator of population health in this country," according to Robert Hummer researcher on population patters at University of North Carolina.

The average life expectancy had rose steadily in the past. However, the record shows that it has started to declined the past 3 years. A record of 78 years and 10 months in 2019, dropped to 77 years on 2020 and fell to 76 years and 1 month on 2021. The officials of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention blamed the countless hospitalizations and death happened during the pandemic. Although there are factors that contributed to the numbers such as suicide, chronic diseases and drug overdoses, the pandemic is still pointed out as obvious culprit. Even the pandemic has its other aspect we need to look at such as quality of care the patient is getting, the availability of medicines, vaccination rates, the staffing issues and access to care in certain areas.

At this point, we are heading towards post-pandemic. This will be a time to make further observations on whether the numbers will eventually improved as we also get better health situations around the globe. Otherwise, it will be an opportunity again to look at the healthcare system on all frontiers to see how we can address the issues and improve the living state of the people.