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Skills most learned during Pandemic

Skills most learned during Pandemic

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If you are one of those regular day time workers whose work routine turns 360 degrees during a pandemic then I bet, more than the challenges, you definitely gained some  skills during the time. Here are some few skills we think people have acquired the past 2 years:

Technical Skills 

When everyone was sent home and had to work remotely, one thing employees for sure miss is having the IT people around. Now employees had to learn how to navigate through laptops, software installations and troubleshooting only guided via call or video - which for sure a lot of people are savvy but let’s face it, there are some who are a little bit challenged in that area. However, we believe a lot of people adapted to the situation. Definitely we will see more people come out of this pandemic with improved computer skills .

Interpersonal Skills

One of the biggest changes most employees experienced was the inability to work with your colleagues face to face, and all communication channels were directed towards online tools. A lot of these remote setup work because of the established relationship and connection among co-workers. They have invested time and effort throughout the time working together in the office, so the adjustments during remote setup was less challenging. However, for colleagues who recently on boarded or got onboarded during the pandemic wherein there’s little relationship establish yet - a lot of effort are done to build understanding, empathy and respect and ensure the success of making a connection and communicate very well

Self-Discipline, Flexibility and Adaptability

As everyone held back to the confines of their homes during the pandemic. We were faced  with a great struggle on how to separate our professional and personal life. Converging the two in one environment was never easy, and for sure all employees, even their household members have figured out to meet halfway and adjust to the situation. Definitely, setting up your own “work” space and dressing up still will give you that ambiance of being in an office. Making sure your bed is not in any of your sight has been beneficial so you are not tempted to doze off especially those that are working in graveyard shift. Household members have also kept in mind that there are working hours and try to keep noise to a minimum or  transfer to the other side of the house to avoid disturbing loved ones who are working in the home.


Definitely, the list can go on on what are  the skills we all learned during the Pandemic. But the three above are the most common given that not only the healthcare got shaken up but the entire workforce regardless of which industry.