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These nurses make a difference

These nurses make a difference

In celebration of National Nurses Week, we are honoring each and every nomination in the Nurses: The Heart of Health Care program. Be sure to scroll through to see a glimpse into how each of these tireless professionals impacted coworkers, patients and families.

This program is supported by presenting sponsor  BJC HealthCare and title sponsors Centene CorporationDelmar GardensMercy and St. Luke's Hospital.

Abigail Goff, RN

Mercy Hospital Jefferson

Beyond being an amazing nurse, she now supervises our team and has continued to build us up and encourage each of us individually. We wouldn’t be as strong as we are without her taking the lead and supporting us.

Adrienne Greenlee

Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Patient Placement Center

Adrienne has been a nurse at Barnes-Jewish Hospital for the last 26 years in various roles from staff nurse to leadership. Adrienne has selflessly given up her weekends during the pandemic to staff the COVID-19 clinic and to ensure that our patients, families and friends receive their COVID-19 vaccines.

Affinia Healthcare Nurses

Affinia Healthcare

All of our nurses (LPNs, RNs, NPs, DNPs) go above and beyond. The last several years have truly highlighted their resilience, compassion, strength and love for the community.

Aimee Mayo

Mercy Hospital

Aimee has made it through the rigors of nursing school to become a great trauma nurse. Her personal life has taught her empathy and she has used her experiences to pass this on to her patients.

Alex Engler and Paige Choate

BJC HealthCare and Washington University

Alex and Paige graduated as nurse practitioners while working full time and during the COVID-19 pandemic. They always strive for excellence.

Ali Smugala

Mercy Hospital South

She works so hard every week and is in the process of becoming a nurse practitioner. I couldn’t be more proud of her.

All nurses in the United States of America

Thankful for their dedication throughout the pandemic. I appreciated how hard they all worked, putting their life on the line day after day.

Alli Combs

SSM Health, St. Clare Hospital

I want to thank Alli for all her hard work as a nurse. She truly cares about her patients and wants to make a positive difference in their lives. Even when she is tired, she still puts her best foot forward and does everything in her power to help.

Amanda Warden, RN

Mercy Hospital South, Acute Rehab

She has a positive attitude and does whatever is asked of her. She works extra shifts and is flexible in her schedule. 

Amy Grote

Memorial Hospital Belleville

She is extremely knowledgeable and talented. She truly cares for her patients, their families, her co-workers and family. She provides great comfort and compassion for all her patients.

Angie Reincke

Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital

Angie always has an uplifting smile and is so sweet and patient every single time.

Ashley Wilson, BSN, RN

SSM Health, St. Louis University Hospital

Graduating college and beginning her RN career in the ER ⁠— all during the midst of COVID-19 ⁠— Ashley immersed herself in the first responder role with resilience, a bright spirit and kind heart. She is now changing lives in the PACU. We couldn’t be more proud.

Black Nurses Association of Greater St Louis

I would like to nominate the nurses and nursing students of Black Nurses Association of Greater St Louis for devoting their services to the ill, their families and each other. They volunteer their time by networking, and advocating for opportunities to teach and educate local communities about acute and chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, nutritional values and more. They hosted COVID-19 vaccine testing sites, health career expos and kept students up-to-date with information and resources. This information was all relevant to nursing and nursing scholarships to help further their education. This is only a small list of what we as members of Black Nurses Association of Greater St Louis do to keep our society safe and healthy.

Bryan Clonts

Fresenius Kidney Care St. Louis

Bryan goes above and beyond to ensure everyone’s needs are met, even if it’s out of his nursing scope. Bryan exhibits unconditional care and love, not only to his patients but to families, coworkers and friends.

I want to thank Bryan for his dedication, perseverance, selflessness and for being the kind, giving person he is. I have never known anyone that is more caring than he is.

I have never known a more compassionate, hard-working and loving caregiver. The world of healthcare is better because of him.

I have had the pleasure of working with Bryan since 1995 and have always admired his work ethic and commitment to his patients! Bryan deserves so much acknowledgement and respect. He is an unsung hero who so many patients owe their lives.

Chaney Bell, FNP

Jefferson Barracks VA Hospital

Chaney Bell is caring, knowledgeable, persistent and strives to reach new heights. Just like those before her, Nurse Bell comes from a family of nurses. Being a nurse is more than just a profession, it’s in her DNA.

Chaney is extremely dedicated to caring for others. Not only does she advocate for her patients, she advocates for her staff as well. Chaney is very humble and once she leaves the clinic, she is still on duty for friends and family.

Mrs. Bell expresses dedication to her staff, students, patients and their families daily. She serves the underserved communities of St. Clair County, and she does so with empathy, patience and compassion.

Chloe Rothermich

Mercy Hospital St. Louis

Thank you for always pushing me to be the best I can be. I already know you’re the best nurse any patient could ask for, and you’re going to continue to do amazing things.

Christiana Mayo, BSN

This is my wonderful daughter-in-law, who for years has dedicated her nursing career to taking care of the smallest and sickest babies at SSM. She puts her whole heart into treating each precious newborn and their families. Thanks for all that you do and for being the special person that you are.

Connie Douglas

Christian Hospital

Connie supports our patients with a bedside approach that allows their input to be heard. Connie listens and ensures that the patients have a voice and that their care is paramount. She is accessible and always helps, even while juggling multiple projects.

Crystal Bailey

Justice Center

Thank you for your continuous community service.

Dawn Brandenberg

Mercy Hospital South

Thank you for always being willing to jump in and serve wherever the need may be. During the most recent COVID-19 surge, Dawn teamed up on non-procedure days and served on our inpatient step down unit. She provided much needed support while on the unit, becoming the "bath team." Not only did this support their fellow RNs, but it also comforted patients during their stay.

Debbie Young

Barnes-Jewish Hospital

Debbie has been our angel.

Denise Fowler

Barnes-Jewish Hospital

Thanks Denise for always giving 110% each day and for always willing to help anyone out.

Diane Howard

Mercy South Hospital

Diane, thank you for all you did for my husband when he was in your care. You are wonderful and very compassionate.

Elizabeth Fields

SSM Health, St. Clare Hospital

Beth gives her heart and soul to her patients, as well as her fellow nurses. Her patients become her family and she makes sure they receive the best care.

Elizabeth Winkelman

SSM Health, St. Clare Hospital

Thanks for the hours of hard work under normal conditions, but especially for going above and beyond during COVID-19.

Emily Hazelton

SSM Health, St. Louis University Hospital

Emily was very supportive to me and my daughter Abby when my husband was in the SLU ICU in the fall. She is the best!

Erica Rutsch

Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital

I want to thank her for being a loving, caring, compassionate and hard-working person.

Felicia Cooper, RN

St. Louis County Department of Health at North Central Health Center

Thanks for your dedication and perseverance during these tumultuous times.

Garrett Sansoucie

Ranken Jordan Pediatric Hospital

You are an amazing nurse! What an asset to the nursing community. Keep up the great work, and thank you for your service with the Army National Guard.

Gateway Regional Medical Center Nurses

Gateway Regional Medical Center

Thank you to all the nurses at Gateway Regional Medical Center for all they do for the community and their patients. Everyone from the OR to the medical floors to the quality department have shown their compassion, strength and dedication throughout the pandemic.

Heather Singleton

Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital

Heather is amazing, not just as a nurse but as a friend. She is caring and friendly, taking great care of her patients. She is always comforting, empathetic and kind.

Janice Meyer, FNP, BC

Mercy Clinic Primary Care

Janice is one of the most dedicated medical professionals one will ever find. Her compassion for my health issues has taught me to be kind and helpful to others in need, whether it is a health-related matter or not.

Jeanette Buckner, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC

VA St. Louis Health Care

I would like to take this opportunity to thank this nurse for all the hard work and dedication she has given the community that she serves. On a daily basis, she goes above and beyond to provide safe, cost-effective and professional care to the community of patients she cares for.

Jeanne Smith

Memorial Hospital Belleville

She is dedicated to making our patients and staff have a wonderful experience. Her nursing skills and compassion are beyond compare. Jeanne has the pleasure of retiring this year and she will be sorely missed by all of us here at BJC Memorial Hospital.

Julie Botterbush, RN, MSN, OCN, NE-BC

SSM Health, St. Louis University Hospital

Julie works to set and maintain excellent standards of care for both her staff and patients. Thanks for everything you do to provide quality outcomes for the patients and encourage your staff to succeed.

K. Diane Daly, RN, CFCE

Mercy Hospital St. Louis

I'd like to thank K. Diane Daly for our friendship of 46 years and for her years of work in Fertility Care Services, which not only teaches and supports natural family planning. but also assists couples struggling with infertility.

Kacey Gant

St. Luke's Hospital

Thank you for always being so helpful, patient and kind. The world needs more people like you

Kassie Helms

Mercy Hospital Jefferson

She is currently an LPN, working to be an RN. Even through the pandemic, she has persisted towards her career as a talented nurse. She has made our family extremely proud and will be a wonderful nurse!

Kathy Howard

SSM Health, St. Louis University Hospital

Kathy Howard is one of the most dedicated nurses I have ever known. She strives for excellence in her work and her daily life. Kathy has given 110% of herself by helping patients get proper, accurate and personal care for over 40 years. She is an angel in disguise.

Kelly Diel

Twin Oaks Estates Assisted Living

She always puts her residents first and treats her support staff with the utmost respect. She is gentle, kind and does her work from her heart.

Kelly Gonzales

Mercy Hospital, Creve Coeur

From the moment we discovered that I had tumors, Kelly has been my source of understanding. She provided the resources to get me to the doctors and surgeons I needed to see to treat my condition. She's not only a daughter, she is a great nurse.

Kelly Hanselman

Barnes-Jewish Hospital

Kelly cares very much for each one of her staff and always advocates for us.  She has taught me so much as a nurse and also as an assistant manager. She fosters a sense of teamwork that permeates the culture on our floor and always puts the needs of the floor before her own.

Kelsey Pilger

SSM Health, St. Clare Hospital

She goes out of her way to make you feel comfortable.

Kevin Eliscupides

Mercy Hospital St. Louis

I want to thank Kevin for all his hard work and for sincerely taking care of his patients.

Konnisha Lockett

Mercy Hospital

I would like to thank this nurse for always caring and showing up for her patients. While working through the pandemic, many nurses like Konnisha showed what true dedication and hard work is as a mother, student, nurse and business owner.

Kristen Mayo

Mercy Hospital

Her caregiving began at the age of four when she would draw pictures for anyone who was sick to make them feel better. She always loves to learn new ways to help her patients and to share that knowledge with others.

Kristin, Jenny and Jackie Lueders

St. Luke's Hospital and Mercy Hospital

I am so proud of my three daughters, two nurse practitioners and a PACU nurse. Their compassion and dedication are amazing and they truly love what they do.

Lia Huddart

Mercy Hospital

For saving my life.

Lisa Armsby

For all her hard work and dedication to the profession.

Mary Blessing

St. Luke's Hospital

For her dedication and kindness.

Mary Brandt

Mercy Hospital

Mary is one of the kindest, smartest and most thoughtful people I know. She is smart and always happy to share her knowledge with anyone.

Mary Wilcox

Mercy Hospital St. Louis

Thank you for being a dedicated and caring nurse for 41 years. You have touched so many lives over the years and our stroke patients are so lucky to have you coordinating care for them.

Mercy Research Nurses

Mercy Hospital

Thanks to the Mercy Research nurses for their compassion and dedication every day in serving our patients.

Mercy South PACU

Mercy Hospital South

I want to thank all the nurses at Mercy South PACU. During the pandemic they have all shown such fortitude with the ability to adapt to any new circumstance thrown at them. They went into the unknown with bravery and a willing spirit to help those that were weary and overworked, dealing with death on a daily basis.

Michelle (Shelly) Allen, Patricia (Trish) Madden, Laura Hohnstrater

Mercy Hospital

I was a volunteer in the NICU at Mercy Hospital and witnessed the most compassionate, caring and love-giving nurses ever. It's because of their skills and compassion that the little ones got better and went home.

Michelle Cherry

Mercy Hospital

Michelle is a wonderful friend and amazing nurse. I was recovering from a traumatic accident and she immediately stepped in to help prepare my home for my recovery. She would come over to change the dressing on my wounds, buy me food and ensure that I had the right vitamins. I can't imagine how my recovery would've been if it had not been for her.

Michelle Jenkerson

Washington University, BJC HealthCare

My wife has taken care of our three children from birth to adulthood and now provides her knowledge to our five grandchildren, all while holding a full-time position at Washington University.

Michelle Mortimer

Christian Hospital

Michelle is a strong patient advocate, always caring for the patient as well as the family members well being.

OSF HealthCare Nurses

Alton, Ill.

All of the nurses at OSF HealthCare are caring, hardworking and dedicated nurses. They are all special.

Patricia Tripi

SSM Health, St. Clare Hospital

Thank you, Patricia, for dedicating your life to providing care and spreading kindness. Your compassion and concern for people is at the core of who you are.

Rebecca Hermann

Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital

She was patient and kind to me as I navigated trying to become a new nurse. She has always been who I strived to be as a nurse, and now a preceptor.

Rena McNeil


My mother is my inspiration for becoming a nurse. Growing up, I witnessed her studying late at night, attending classes and raising five children while pregnant with the sixth. She always took pride in being a nurse.

Sarah Borders

Progress West Hospital

Nursing isn't just a job for her, it's her passion. Sarah truly cares about every child in the unit. Every NICU would be boosted sky high with her in it.

Sharon Reiher

HSHS St. Elizabeth's Hospital

I was in the hospital 28 days and she was always there, being my advocate and arranging for people to stay with me at night. If it were not for her, I would not be here 22 years later. Sharon is a dedicated nurse, helping others even after she retired.

SSM St. Mary's Endoscopy Staff

SSM Health, St. Mary's Hospital

I would like to recognize the entire SSM St. Mary's Endoscopy staff, Maurie Dunn, Joan Becker, Kathy Narens Oldfield, Marian Bergin Kostecki, and many more. They make difficult procedures as easy as possible for the patients.

St. Louis County Department of Public Health Corrections Medicine

St. Louis County Department of Public Health

You are such a resilient and dedicated team, and DPH leadership is grateful to work with you. Thank you for entering such a challenging environment so that we can deliver health care with equity. You truly change lives for incarcerated patients!

St. Louis County Justice Services DPH team

St. Louis County Justice Services

Thanks to all of you for working long shifts to take care of residents in the community. You all are amazing!

Stephanie and Jamie

SSM Health, St. Joseph Hospital - St. Charles

These two nurses got me to walk again after being bedridden for four months. They treated me with nothing but kindness even on days I was grumpy and not wanting to do the therapy. I can never say thank you enough.

Stephanie Hester

Mercy Hospital

In January of 2019, I was in a really bad accident. Despite the bad road conditions, and it being her day off, Stephanie showed up in my room the next day. She proceeded to make sure that I had the best care during my week in the hospital. I honestly don't know how things would've turned out if she had not stepped in.

Stephanie Rosendahl

New Haven Care Center

I just want to thank you for all that you do working with the elderly. You give your all every day with your heart and soul.

Suzanne Sirko-Carney

Barnes-Jewish Hospital

When she dons her scrubs, I see a sense of pride that makes me proud as well. The best part is the sheer glee she exudes when she comes home to tell me about a patient that tells her that she made them feel safe. I'm thankful she said 'yes,' 15 years ago.

Tammy Zuerlein

Gateway Endoscopy

She is the best!

Tatonya Roberts, FNP-C

Jefferson Barracks VA Hospital

Tatonya is resilient, passionate, caring, honest, knowledgeable and devoted to her patients. Nursing someone back to health is second nature for her. Being a nurse is in her blood. It’s not just a profession, it’s who she is.

Tatonya is an extraordinary person and FNP. She is a highly skilled, extremely knowledgeable, compassionate person who consistently displays and promotes the highest ethical standards for patient care.

Teresa Pasley

Mercy Hospital Jefferson, Pulmonary/Stroke Unit

I would like to thank Teresa for all of the knowledge and flexibility she brings to our facility everyday. She is always ready to add additional patients to her floor when necessary while encouraging her staff to do the same. She never asks her staff to do something she wouldn't do and often works right beside them.

The entire 4th floor central staff

Barnes-Jewish Hospital

For all their patience, kindness, professionalism and attentiveness during my 18-day stay last May.

The entire nursing staff

Hawthorn Children's Psychiatric Hospital

The nurses at Hawthorn Children's Psychiatric Hospital are a dedicated group of individuals that serve kids with significant mental health issues and/or trauma. Our nurses (and nursing staff) dedicate their work to the kids, showing them over and over that they can be safe, that they can learn healthier coping skills, that they can face their situation and choose to succeed.

The whole team at Barnes 11300

Barnes-Jewish Hospital

My husband was recently a patient here and he had the greatest team of nurses caring for him. They are the best!

Tiffany Whitaker

St. Luke's Hospital and Compass Health

For being caring, compassionate, kind and extremely knowledgeable. She is always willing to go the extra mile for someone.

Tiffany is caring, compassionate, kind and good to the very core of her soul. She goes above and beyond her job description. She is an angel and the nursing profession is better because she is in it.

Valerie Siemer

Barnes-Jewish Hospital

She is a wonderful, kind and caring person to all her patients, their families and her associates. She is very deserving of recognition for her many years of dedication to her profession.

Vanessa Cuthbert

DaVita Dialysis

Not only does she take care of patients, she also takes care of us - her parents. She has so much compassion, ambition, dedication and drive. Keep being the amazing nurse and leader you are.