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US-Based 'Advanced eClinical Training' Announces Its 'Allied Health Certification Courses' for Pre-Medical Students

US-Based 'Advanced eClinical Training' Announces Its 'Allied Health Certification Courses' for Pre-Medical Students

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New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - July 19, 2022) - US-based nationally accredited e-clinical training platform, 'Advanced eClinical Training,' has launched its affordable, accessible, and convenient online health certification courses for pre-medical students. Its mission is to provide pre-medical students with valuable certification and expert clinical training before they sit their industry certification exam. It helps them get the essential healthcare experience required for their vocational aspirations in the industry during their undergraduate education without disrupting their formal school schedule.

Advanced eClinical Training focuses on providing students with the necessary skills and experience but also on filling the ongoing shortage of qualified clinical assistant professionals and support staff across the US. The shortage of workforce in the healthcare industry is affecting patient care and timely medical assistance. A recent study identifies an insufficient number of students who graduate from school as one of the major reasons for this shortage. 'Advanced e-clinical Training' addresses this issue specifically by making the health certification courses affordable and accessible to all pre-medical students and ensuring their availability to the industry.

The courses are designed as flexible on-demand virtual learning certification programs which are immersive and experiential in order to provide students with the opportunity to interact with their own patients online. The programs include credible and valuable pre-health certifications, licensed by the department of education for clinical medical assistantspatient care technicianspharmacy techniciansphysical therapy technicians, and certificate courses for clinical research and medical terminology. They also include a wide range of mentorship programs. Advanced eClinical training is committed to having an impact on both the education and clinical roles of the students by ultimately trying to bridge the clinical experience gap.

The idea of 'Advanced eClinical Training' emerged from the struggles faced by its founders during their pre-health education in 2015. They had no way to get essential healthcare experience during their schooling to get ready for their industry certification exam in order to get national accredited certifications. Their commitment to ensuring that no pre-medical student shall face this difficulty in the future led to the foundation of this platform. Today they have a 100% enrolment rate for their courses and have the reputation of giving credible and authentic assistance to thousands of pre-medical students to fulfill their professional dream.

"We both were pre-health students at one point in our lives. Five years ago, we dealt with the same issue of inaccessible and unaffordable options to get healthcare experience. And today, through our initiative, 'Advanced eClinical Training,' we are able to give more authentic and credible assistance to students who are dealing with the same issue now. We are training and certifying competent students. We have a 100% employment rate. Our students are getting right out into the workforce," Shabnam Safarzadeh and Shaghayegh Safarzadeh, the co-founders of the initiative, share their story.

'Advanced eClinical Training' was established in 2020 and is headquartered in New York. Its allied health certification courses are designed for both pre-health undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students. It enjoys the approval and accreditation from a wide range of institutions and organizations, including the State of New Hampshire Department Of Education, Accreditation Council For Clinical Research & Education (ACCRE), National HealthCareer Association (NHA), Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) and American Medical Certification Association (AMCA) among others.