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In-demand nursing specialization: Mental Health Nurse, Skilled Nurse and Long-Term Care Nurse

In-demand nursing specialization: Mental Health Nurse, Skilled Nurse and Long-Term Care Nurse

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If you’re a nursing professional, here’s your guide to the top specialization you can pursue this year. In this post, let’s look into these specializations: Mental health Nurse, Skilled Nurse and Long-Term Care Nurse.

  • Mental Health Nurse - This specialty is truly one of the specializations with highest demand for several reasons. First, with what everyone went through during the Pandemic there is still a constant need to support people’s mental health. The way things in the workforce across different industries turned out, from the waves of lay-off, to the change of work setup, and tight talent competition. Mental Health nurses are not only in-demand in healthcare facilities but even in the other sectors. Therefore, job openings will definitely surge for this line of work. According to some research, a growth rate of 31% is expected this year for mental health nursing.

  • Skilled Nurse - This specialty is constantly in-demand as it provides specialized care for long-term patients under nursing homes or rehabilitations. Since they specialize in certain care, this means they are to handle all around assistance from care planning, coordination and maintenance. Though this will for sure require higher credentials so make sure you have identified your specialization and earned additional training to solidify your credentials.

  • Long-Term Care Nurse - This specialty as well is constantly needed as this not only specialize but they also provide comprehensive care to their patients. In the world where life has become fast-paced, the older generation are being left to the care of facilities. So more admissions to nursing homes, hospice facilities, memory care centers, or assisted living facilities, means more demand for this job.