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Inclusivity at Work

Inclusivity at Work

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With the advent of remote working and countries being more open to immigrants, truly workplaces have never been so diverse. It is very easy to say that a company is inclusive to all its workers but putting in some actual work is no easy task. It is not just about having different cultural background, ethnicity or characteristics - but it is also about getting deeper into understanding each person’s background, identify the strength and what ones capability and unique perspective can contribute to the team - and how the organization can better support to empower them in their roles as well as prevent discrimination and judgment all at the same time. . The message of inclusivity must resound throughout the organization through the initiatives, programs, practices and mindset of its people.


According to a study made via International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, there are 8 needs that need to be met for all people:


1. Access

2. Space

3. Opportunity

4. Representation

5. Allowance

6. Language

7. Respect

8. Support


However, before any initiative can work it is also said the relationship between company’s leadership towards its employees has a key impact on the well being of employees which can drive the feeling of welcomeness and respect towards differences among the members. The middle management also plays a crucial role as they operationalize the c-suites desire of having an inclusive company. They reinforce all these programs and initiatives which could make or break its implementation. Read more about this in How to Build an Inclusive Culture That Permeates All Levels of the Organization.