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Remote vs. Onsite. Hybrid is the winner.

Remote vs. Onsite. Hybrid is the winner.

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Prior to the pandemic, only a handful percent of the workforce were doing remote jobs. However, when the pandemic hit the vast majority of the world, employees were obliged to work off site due to the rising cases of Covid and several imposed government restrictions. Since then, almost everyone got a chance to see the benefits of working from home. 

According to this blog, here are the 10 benefits they found when working from home:

1. More Time Around My Family

2. I Can Work from Anywhere with an Internet Connection

3. Flexible Schedule

4. Lack of Distractions from Co-Workers

5. I Control My Days Off

6. More Time in My Day

7. Save Money on Gas, Car Maintenance, and Insurance

8. Mental Health Breaks

9. Weather (Snow) Doesn’t Prevent Me from Working

10. Save Money on Clothes


Now after two years of experiencing those benefits, you also start to realize the cons of those benefits. True to the saying that “too much of something is bad enough” after basking on those advantages for a while some people have also realize that

1. You need a break from family as well

2. Internet connect at home can sometimes be fuzzy and the internet office is more stable due to subscription difference

3. Routine can actually help you plan your day better

4. You need to be in an environment that stimulates your ideas or open up for discussions which your co-workers can definitely provide you

5. Being at home can sometimes make you lazy that leads you to doing time offs that’s not necessary

6. Going out can also help you take a mental break

7. There are days that you want to dress up and feel good


With all these realizations, we all come to the conclusion that we need a little of both. That is why a lot of companies have opened up their offices but offer hybrid work setup. Even large and known organizations have turned to this trend such as Twitter, 3M, Spotify, Atlassian, Hubspot, etc.

At the end of the day, the pandemic has taught us to be more cognizant of the people around us. Not only to be on the lookout for our health but to start making sure that we are giving quality experience especially to the workforce who is basically running the business from the ground.