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Specialization in Nursing

Specialization in Nursing

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The wonderful thing about the Nursing industry is that there are a lot of options for you in terms of specialization. This allows you to concentrate more in one area and really practice and excel from it. But of course, regardless of which area you want to become an expert on, it always starts with the fundamental question of why you want to become a nurse? Once you have an answer to that question that you are committed to, then it's time to explore the different fields available out there. 


According to, there are 20 fast-growing nursing specialties right now.

  1. Registered Nurse

  2. Cardiac Nurse

  3. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

  4. Clinical Nurse Specialist

  5. Critical Care Nurse

  6. ER Nurse

  7. Family Nurse Practioner

  8. Geriatric Nurse

  9. Perioperative Nurse (OR / Surgery Nurse)

  10. Mental Health Nurse

  11. Nurse Educator

  12. Nurse Manager

  13. Nurse Midwife

  14. Nurse Practioner

  15. Nurse Administrator

  16. Oncology Nurse

  17. Orthopedic Nurse

  18. Pediatric Nurse

  19. Public Health Nurse

  20. Travel Nurse


Aside from knowing what is trending, you may want to also consider which ones have the highest salary.  recently released the best paying nurse specialties for 2023

  1. Nurse Anesthetist

  2. Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

  3. Nurse Midwife

  4. Family Nurse Practitioner

  5. Clinical Nurse Specialist

  6. Nurse Researcher

  7. Travel Nurse

  8. Informatics Nurse

  9. Trauma Nurse

  10. Nurse Educator

  1. Dialysis Nurse

  2. Oncology Nurse

  3. Infection Control/Prevention Nurse

  4. Neonatal Nurse

  5. Acute Care Nurse

  6. Geriatric Nurse

  7. Nurse Advocate

  8. Public Health Nurse

  9. Pediatric Nurse

  10. School Nurse


With the waves of resignations in the past years, the hiring has been ramping up. There are a lot of positions that were left open and this time the recruiters and talent team are revving up to fill in these positions. So, this is a great time to really choose carefully what you want to specialize in, start rolling up your sleeves and get hired.