Jun 20, 2024

MRI Technologist

  • Children's National Hospital
  • Washington, DC, USA

Job Description

MRI Technologist - (21000328)


The MRI Technologist will perform a wide variety of high quality Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MR) exams while providing excellent patient care.

Sign- on Bonus of $5000 for those that qualify!

Minimum Work Experience
2 years Clinical MR imaging experience in a hospital or out-patient environment (Preferred)

Required Skills/Knowledge
Demonstrate appropriate patient care, technical, procedural and evaluation skills.
Demonstrates proficiency to perform a variety of procedures independently , consistently and effectively .
Demonstrates skillful operation of imaging equipment and related components.
Demonstrates good judgment when correlating patient history with scanning protocols.
Knowledge of pediatric imaging protocols to perform quality clinical and research exams.
Possesses adequate knowledge of cross-sectional anatomy.
Adequate professional communication skills both oral and written.
Familiarity with contrast medications used for MR exams.
Some knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel Programs.

Required Licenses and Certifications
Registered Radiography Technologist (ARRT) Registered Radiography T echnologist (ARRT)
(R) (MR) (ARRT) certification and registration (Required)

Functional Accountabilities
Clinical and Research Imaging Procedures
  • Perform all exams in an efficient manner , with the ability to recognize when to make scan sequence adjustments to enhance images.
  • Orient new technologists to attain proficiency of pediatric imaging protocols.
  • Monitor exam orders to identify opportunities to perform exams.
  • Be part of MR team which prioritize and coordinate patient throughput to ensure all patients are serviced in a timely and quality-oriented fashion.
  • Review exam schedule to verify orders, protocol and exams are accurately assigned.
  • Assist Lead MR technologist and MR Manager as needed with day to day operations.
Quality Control
  • Verify exam requests with patient information(the right exam with the correct patient).
  • Ensure exam images have the correct patient data.
  • Follow correct procedures regarding warm-up, phantom scanning and shut-down of equipment; troubleshoot and recognize equipment malfunctions.
  • Check exam orders and exam charges for accuracy; complete RIS assignments accurately and in a timely manner; verify exams are loaded onto Picture Archival Communication System (P ACS).
  • Acknowledge and respond to performance improvement feedback from Radiology Faculty.
  • Track and record scanner data to meet American College Radiology (ACR) requirements.
Patient Care
  • Ensure the cleanliness of scanners and exam rooms; patient exam related items are stocked and prepared in advance to facilitate efficiency .
  • Greet patients/parents, introduce self and role to patient and treat all patients/families in a kind, courteous and professional manner.
  • Communicate and explain exam procedures to patients/parents in a clear and concise manner; communicate with patient/parent throughout the exam and visit to MR Department; discharge patient/parent with appropriate follow-up information.
  • Make every attempt to meet scheduled appointment times and accommodate stat and add-on exam requests.
  • Report patient/family customer service issues to MR Manager in a timely manner.
  • Share on-call responsibilities, equally , with all MR Technologists.
Clinic Safety
  • Adhere to all OSHA regulations, including no eating or drinking in designated patient care areas; adhere to ACR MR Safety guidelines relating to all MR Safety Zones.
  • Research implant devices to determine MR safety designation; perform implant, ferrous metal and clinical safety checks for every patient.
  • Ensures Time Outs are conducted for patient, staff and equipment before advancing to Zone Three (3).
  • Inquire about menstrual status and possibility of pregnancy for female adolescents and teens.
  • Immediately report scanner or room equipment malfunctions to MR Physicist, scanner Field Engineers and/or CN Engineering Department.
  • Complete annual MR Safety course and mandatory annual reviews in CHEX.
  • Conduct daily huddles with staff to discuss patient flow and other issues.
  • Confer with faculty and colleagues when confronted with an unfamiliar problem.
  • Consistent email review for department and hospital operations updates.
  • Communicate with colleagues in a collaborative manner to promote a positive work environment.
  • Immediately report personnel issues to MR Manager and/or radiology on-call administrator to ensure continuous staffing and safe environment.
Professional Development
  • Maintain Primary R.T .(R) (ARRT) and Post-Primary (MR) Certification
  • Attend seminars and in-services sponsored by Radiology Department or Children’s National
  • Provide leadership to the modality with regard to patient care, customer service and new technology
  • Participate in Quality Assurance Initiatives to enhance MR service
  • Participate in performance improvement projects.

Organizational Accountabilities
Organizational Accountabilities (Staff)
Organizational Commitment/Identification
  • Anticipate and responds to customer needs; follows up until needs are met

  • Demonstrate collaborative and respectful behavior
  • Partner with all team members to achieve goals
  • Receptive to others’ ideas and opinions

Performance Improvement/Problem-solving
  • Contribute to a positive work environment
  • Demonstrate flexibility and willingness to change
  • Identify opportunities to improve clinical and administrative processes
  • Make appropriate decisions, using sound judgment

Cost Management/Financial Responsibility
  • Use resources efficiently
  • Search for less costly ways of doing things

  • Speak up when team members appear to exhibit unsafe behavior or performance
  • Continuously validate and verify information needed for decision making or documentation
  • Stop in the face of uncertainty and takes time to resolve the situation
  • Demonstrate accurate, clear and timely verbal and written communication
  • Actively promote safety for patients, families, visitors and co-workers
  • Attend carefully to important details - practicing Stop, Think, Act and Review in order to self-check behavior and performance

Primary Location

: District of Columbia-Washington

Work Locations

Sheikh Zayed Campus
111 Michigan Avenue
Washington 20010


: Allied Health


: COE Hospital-Based Specliaties
Position Status: R (Regular) - FT - Full-Time
Shift: Variable
Work Schedule: As assigned

Job Posting

: Feb 25, 2022, 5:57:22 PM